At Mama DePalma’s Pizza & Bistro, we take pride in the way our food is prepared and served. The original Mama DePalma was our grandmother who believed in serving “great tasting” Italian food. Grandma DePalma also taught us to be courteous and to treat people the way we want to be treated. Her beliefs have become ours as well. While you’re at Mama DePalma’s, you will dine on incredible tasting Italian food while receiving the highest quality customer service. Grandma DePalma was a fun-loving person. Nothing gave her greater pleasure than seeing the smiles on people’s faces as they ate her food. With that said, our promise to you is ensuring her beliefs will be passed down to you! So, come in, sit back and relax. Enjoy the food and your surroundings while we do the cooking for you! We look forward to your smiles.

Mamma Depalma's

9845 S. Maryland Pkwy #D,

Las Vegas, NV 89183

Phone. 702-837-6262

Email. mamadepalmas@gmail.com

Mamma Depalma's

639 N Stephanie ST,

Henderson, NV 89014

Phone. 702-564-6262

Email. mamadepalmas2@gmail.com